Workshop - Britzone

Britzone English Club is a community based organization based in Jakarta for those who want to enhance their english speaking skills. They do a lot of casual discussion, workshop, and talks with english as the main delivery language. That chill Saturday, in early week of January this year, I was invited to participate as the speaker of one of their Britzone Funday session. I brought a session of Visual Story Telling through Motion Picture and I would say it was one of my favorite talks and it really opened my year strong. I always love sharing stuffs in a general crowd, they who have no exposure at all with filmmaking or cinematography, the clean slate. One of my favorite questions from the participants that day was if I ever experience failure in choosing my future path before I encountered the realm of cinematography, and the answer was absolutely yes! I did several other things beforehand like excelling programming language and thought I would be an ass kicking programmer/hacker, copywriter in ads agency, or just simply read so many political and inter-country diplomacy law only because I thought I would make a mean ambassador. But here I am now, being sweaty and nerdy with my big camera guns or throwing perverted jokes on set cause I need to charm the shoot. Haha. I love life.